Where to get more audio-books, free!

The “Learn Italian with Jane Eyre” post from last week seems to have generated lots of interest (4 comments!!)

Some of you wrote to me asking when I would release the next chapter of Jane Eyre…. Several people thanked me for the great material!

Sorry, but perhaps it wasn’t clear from my post that the audio books are not produced by us but by the wonderful people at the website I linked to: liberliber.it

So, if what you’re interested in are audio-books, check out this page http://www.liberliber.it/audiolibri/index.php first…

Then, once you’ve selected something you want to listen to, go to this page to find the text version of your audio file: http://www.liberliber.it/libri/index.php

And then, why not recommend which audio-books you find most useful for learning Italian?

It would be great to hear your opinion! Just leave a comment on this post to share your ideas with the world!


  1. Andy Miller says:

    Thanks Daniel, that’s a great resource. I’m goIng for Pinocchio: