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“The beating heart of Italy” (Italian listening + transcript)

I think this is number 6 in our series of mini-biographies of Italians with streets or schools named after them.

The others were: Garibaldi | Marconi | Cavour | Galvani | Leonardo da Vinci

If you’re finding the level of this material difficult (it is), there are plenty of easier listening texts and other materials accessible from our ‘Free Online Italian Exercises‘ page.

But anyway, on with today’s hero, Giuseppe Mazzini, known as the ‘beating heart of Italy’.


Listen and find out. [Read More...]

Benvenuti al “Bar Giovanni”

Benvenuto al

Benvenuti al “Bar Giovanni”!

Vi offro un caffé.

Poi, “parliamo” un pò (in italiano, o inglese, scelta tua!)



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