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Final A1 (elementary) Italian listening comprehension

This is the last in the current series of five elementary-level Italian listening exercises.

Hope you’ve found them useful.

Next, we have five original, free exercises at A2 (pre-intermediate) level.

Then five more at B1 (intermediate).

So you’ll be able to measure your progress and hopefully see the good it’s doing you.

Tell your friends: it’s all happening at!

So, ready to listen?

If you don’t see the image with the task, or the audio plug-in, click here to view this article on our site. [Read More...]

Fourth A1 (elementary) Italian listening comprehension

Buona domenica a tutti!

Yes, it’s OK to wish someone ‘Happy Sunday’, even on Saturday. Don’t ask me why…

So, anyway, here’s the fourth exercise in our series of A1 (elementary) Italian listening comprehension exercises.

If you don’t see the listening plugin or the image with the task, click here to view this article on our website. [Read More...]

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