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New Italian easy reader, new free grammar exercise!

Buongiorno a tutti.

Here I am, back from the beach, and keen to cross a few things off today’s ‘To Do’ list!

So, first things first: our new Italian easy reader ‘L’amore ai tempi del supermercato‘ is out today. As usual, it’s 25% off the normal easy-reader price for this first week only.

The level is A2 (pre-intermediate) but it’s suitable for learners at just about any level.

Claudio is a handsome young Italian architect with a passion for girls. That is, until the day he finds love… in a supermarket!

Next, today sees the start of a new series of Italian grammar exercises.

We have ten each at levels B1, B2, C1 and C2, so this should be ideal for students who already know a bit of Italian but are maybe a little shaky with some of the more complex grammar (like me…)

I’ll be publishing three a week, so that’ll take us nicely through until September or so, when everything starts up again after the summer…

Here’s today’s Italian grammar exercise. The topic is ‘condizionale composto‘.

What’s that, you ask?

You’ll find a full list of Italian grammar ‘lessons’ and exercises on our Index page.


Don’t forget to check out our shop for the latest easy reader, along with many others… They really will help you improve your Italian!

Click here.


Final C2 listening, ‘cibo spazzatura’ (junk food) & article

Friday again, and as soon as I’m done with this morning’s lesson, I’ll be looking for a train to the coast!

At Rimini. on the Adriatic Sea, where we have our sailboat moored, it’s the ‘Notte rosa’ this weekend. That means everyone dressing in pink and staying up all night making lots of noise. There’ll be fireworks, and so on. What fun!

Anyway, what do I have for you today?

First of all, here’s the last in our series of C2-level Italian listening exercises.

It’s about ‘cibo spazzatura’ (junk food) and obesity. Just what I didn’t need before a heavy weekend. Click here to listen.

Plus, over on our sponsor school’s site, there’s a new article you might find interesting: ‘What’s the cheapest way to learn Italian?

And finally, here’s a quick plug for our new easy Italian reader, which will hopefully be published in our online shop on Monday.

It’s called ‘L’amore ai tempi del supermercato’ (Love In The Age Of Supermarkets) and is the first of two simplified Italian readers written by a couple of very talented young Italian teachers who work in Rome.

Watch this space for your free sample chapter, and save a few euros with the one-week only launch price offer!


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