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Italian grammar, now with new, improved volume control!

Apologies for the terrible sound in the first seven of the ‘La grammatica ascoltata’ series.

Many thanks also to the few of you who tried to tell us we were embarrassing ourselves… Sorry we didn’t listen.

Anyway, we’ve now fixed it, I hope, so if you were frustrated at not being able to hear the tracks, do try again.

Here’s a link to the A1 tense material in the ‘La grammatica ascoltata’ series.

But today, onwards and upwards to the A2 material!

We begin with a really useful, and easy-to-learn Italian tense: the imperfetto (imperfect). [Read More...]

‘La grammatica ascoltata 7′ – irregular Italian past verbs

Ever been lost in the woods?

Check out the latest installment in our ‘La grammatica ascoltata’ series of Italian grammar listenings.

This one will help you learn or revise verbs which are irregular in the passato prossimo (‘near past’ tense).

But it also works as, pretty exciting, listening practice.

This is the last of our the A1 (beginner/elementary) level texts.

You’ll find all seven of the recent new pages on the A1 – beginner/elementary page.

On Wednesday I’ll post the first of our A2 grammar listenings, so watch out for that!

Go here for today’s passato prossimo text. [Read More...]

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