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Free Italian Lesson On ‘Ci’ And ‘Ne’ (& New Easy Reader!)

Buongiorno a tutti.

Today I have the last ‘official’ lesson in our series of free Italian grammar lessons.

(But don’t worry – I’ve got some bits and pieces to add to the series over the next couple of weeks.)

Today’s topic is ‘ci’ and ‘ne’, those confusing pronominal particles which are always worth looking at one more time.

Here are the links you need to get studying:

Lesson 54: Pronominal Particles ‘Ci’ And ‘Ne’ | Italian Lessons Homepage

Also today I have a new Italian easy reader, which is perfect for those of you at beginner/elementary level, but potentially also of interest to any lovers of Italian cuisine, as it contains lots of food vocabulary and terms for typical Italian dishes. Italian Easy Reader for beginners: "Rosa la cuoca disastrosa"

Rosa la cuoca disastrosa‘ (Rosa The Disastrous Cook) is a lovely little story:

Rosa is a good mother and an excellent grandmother… but an awful cook! When Valeria, Rosa’s health-conscious daughter, has a domestic emergency, Rosa is left to prepare lunch for her two grandchildren…

Sounds fun, huh?

‘Rosa’ will be on offer all this week at just €7.50, (compared to the usual easy reader price of €9.99).


I get the occasional email from club ‘members’ regarding e-book purchases, and of course I answer them all personally. I can always sort things out quickly! But, in case you were wondering, here are some typical doubts:

“I just bought an e-book but haven’t received a download link!” Yep, that’s because I send them out manually (otherwise we’d have to pay E.U. sales tax.) You’ll get your e-book attached to an e-mail within 24 hours of your order/payment. But usually much sooner, often within minutes, or if I’m teaching, within a few hours. Bear in mind that if it’s the middle of the night in Italy, I won’t see your order or send your e-book until I wake up in the morning…

“I bought an e-book a month ago but haven’t received it yet.” It was sent within 24 hours, promise! But perhaps you didn’t realize that the e-mail you received had the e-book attached, or maybe the e-mail itself ended up in your spam folder or got blocked by your e-mail provider because of the attachment. These things happen… But anyway, no need to wait a month. If you don’t receive your purchase within 24 hours, write to me and I’ll resend it.

But write to me anyway!  It’s fun to get emails from club members from all over the world – lots of you are in English-speaking countries like Australia, the USA, Canada, Britain and Ireland but we also have members as far afield as China, South America.

The club’s e-mail address is in the footer of every page on our site. Or just reply to any e-mail you receive from me. It’ll get here.

Oh, and one last thing, just in case you were wondering…

As you’ll also read in the footer of the site, and at the bottom of the emails I send, for legal and practical purposes, OnlineItalianClub.com is based in the UK, in beautiful Cornwall, right on a wonderful surfing beach!

But I live in Bologna, Italy, where my wife and I run an Italian language school. And our writers and online teachers are spread out across Italy.

More on Wednesday. Enjoy ‘Rosa‘.

Free Italian Lesson On Articulated (Compound) Prepositions

Today’s free Italian lesson follows on from Wednesday’s, which was on ‘simple’ prepositions, with a list of the numerous ‘articulated’ (or ‘compound’) prepositions.

Here’s the link you need to read the explanation and do the exercises:

Lesson 53: Articulated (Compound) Prepositions

Or find both of them, and previous lessons in the series, on our Italian Lessons Homepage.

Plus, Friday wouldn’t be Friday without a final reminder for the current ‘Book Of The Week’ offer, which ends on Sunday..

If you’ve already seen the FREE sample chapter (.pdf), click here to get your copy of Aria di festa for just €4.99 (that’s half the usual easy reader e-book price!)'Aria di festa', original Italian easy reader e-book

Or take a look at the FREE sample chapter (.pdf) first.

Our e-books are in .pdf format, which is readable on more or less any device and which can be printed.

Use the FREE sample chapter (.pdf) as a test to see if your smartphone, tablet, computer or e-reader opens it.

And if you click the link at the top of Chapter 1, you can listen to the audio of the entire story – free!

Buy ‘Aria di festa’ | Browse e-books | Online Italian lessons

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