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Carlo’s place (third A2 Italian listening practice track)

For those of you facing a lot of hanging around this Easter weekend, here’s something useful you can be getting on with while waiting for the relatives to arrive and the lamb to roast (or vice versa.)

This is the third of our series of A2 Italian listening practice exercises. (To find the others, just scroll back through recent articles here.)

If you’re new to language-learning (or to this site), there’s an explanation of what A2 means (and in general, how to evaluate your level in Italian) here.

So, ready to go with the listening practice?

To hear the track, scroll down this page and click the white arrow in the orange button in the top left corner of the ‘embedded’ audio player box thingy.

And if you don’t see an embedded audio box thingy  (it should have our logo in it), an orange button, or a white arrow?

That’ll be because you’re reading this in an e-mail, or on a smartphone or other device which doesn’t permit the audio plugin to display. In which case, all is not lost, click here to view this article on our website.

Wait… Just one more thing!

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Il mio viaggio a Parigi (second A2 listening)

Last day of work for me, as tomorrow I’m off to Rimini for Pasqua.

Lots to eat and drink, plus hopefully some sunshine so we’ll be able to get out on the Adriatic on our boat.

But not to worry. I’ll be continuing to post the new listening material. And reminders about the conversation groups starting after Easter.

So today, here’s the second of our A2 listenings.

If you’re new to this site, or if you’re my mum, pay attention:

1. To listen, just click the embedded audio file below. You don’t need any form of password.

If you don’t see an embedded audio file, it probably means you’re reading this in an e-mail. Click this link to see the article on our website, and try there.

2. You’ll find the tapescript underneath the audio file. But it’s better (for you) to listen at least once without. Life has no sub-titles. Better get used to it here.

Once you’ve listened once (or a couple of times) without the words, that’s the time to listen WITH the tapescript. That’ll help you understand better, and give you a chance to recognise words you couldn’t hear, or don’t actually know.

Ready to listen?

So click the orange button that you see directly under these words… [Read More...]

“When I was small” (First A2 listening!)

Here’s the first of eight A2 (pre-intermediate) listening exercises for you to work on.

I’ll be publishing the rest of the recordings for this level every two or three days over the next couple of weeks.

The idea is to gradually get OnlineItalianClub.com users used to listening to Italian.

If you haven’t done the 8 A1 level listenings yet, that would be a good place to start. Scroll through recent posts here to find them.

But assuming you’ve done those, you should be ready for something a little more challenging!

Click ‘play’ below to listen to the recording.

(If you’re reading this in an e-mail, click here to see the original article and access the listening).

Scroll down to read the tapescript. You’re advised to listen at least once without it, though!

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The Italian conversation groups restart after Easter – enroll now!

Online Italian classes

Online Italian classes

You’ve probably been working on your Italian listening over the last couple of weeks, right?

That’s great!

And there’ll be more to come next week, when we start releasing the A2 material.

But let’s not forget about the other half of the equation!

It’s not much good being able to understand what others say to you if, when you open your mouth to reply, you can’t utter a single word!

A lot of people think that speaking a foreign language follows naturally from studying the grammar, learning new words, and so on.

They’re wrong.

Speech is as much a habit as listening (or reading, or writing).

It certainly doesn’t just happen, once you know all the tenses and enough new words!

It takes plenty of practice to get to the point where you’ll be able to hold your own in anything more than the most basic interaction.

LOTS of practice.

Of course if you’re taking an Italian class, you have that sorted.

But if not?

Is that you? Poring over your grammar books and vocabulary lists…. but never actually opening your mouth? [Read More...]

Final A1 listening!

This is the last in our series of A1 (beginner/elementary) level Italian listening exercises.
We hope you’ve found them useful!

If you’re new to this website, and would like to do the others in the series, just scroll through the recent articles here (the first in the series was published on 21st March, you’ll find eight in total, including this one…)

OK, so on with the show! To do today’s listening, just click in the box below (or if you’re reading this in an e-mail, click here to visit our site and listen).

Don’t forget now: listen to the track at least once all the way through, even if you don’t understand much, before turning to the tapescript for support… You’ll find it at the bottom of this page.

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Last but one A1 Italian listening…

Here’s the seventh and penultimate of our A1 Italian listening series.

Click here to listen (or, if you’re reading this in an e-mail, click here to visit our website and hear the text.)

Don’t forget to listen all the way through before turning to the transcript!

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