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New Easy Reader Out Today! (+ Free Lesson On Remote Past)

Buongiorno a tutti.

Just a quick one, as I’ve already been sat at my kitchen table far too long and my feet are getting cold…

Today we’re publishing a brand-new and original Italian easy reader! Cover of Missione Segreta, an Italian easy reader by Enrico Maso

It’s called ‘Missione Segreta‘, which I presume I don’t need to translate for you…

Here’s the blurb from the shop, to give you an idea what it’s about:

Saverio is the divorced father of Luca, a nine-year old who’s obsessed with violent video games. Since Saverio and Luca’s mother divorced, he’s been anxious to protect the relationship with his son by spending as much time with Luca as possible. But frustratingly, on their one day a week together, Luca rarely looks up from the screen of his game!

Find out more by downloading the FREE SAMPLE CHAPTER (.pdf), which also contains a link to the audio version of the entire book, also free. (You can listen to the audio for the story online as often as you wish.)

If you like the sample, and if the level of the material is suitable for you, get the full version of the e-book this week for just €7.50, instead of our usual easy reader price of €9.99!

New Lesson On Remote Past

Also new today is the latest in our series of free Italian lessons, which this time covers the remote past.

As usual there’s an explanation of the grammar, audios with transcripts so you can see how it’s used, and some practice exercises.

Click here to study remote past.

This is lesson 30 in our series. Find it, along with the previous 29, on our Italian Lessons Homepage.

More on Wednesday…

Final Free B1 Intermediate Italian Lesson!

As you might have picked up from my occasional asides, I’m not a fan of studying grammar.

So I’m delighted to be able to tell you that today we have the final B1 lesson in our free Italian lessons series.

This also marks the mid-point, as we’ll have done A1, A2 and B1, while still having B2, C1 and C2 to go.

High fives!

Grudgingly I admit that it HAS been useful working through this stuff.

I can now recognize, say, a subjunctive imperfect or a conditional past when I meet one.

Though I doubt I’d be able to complete today’s exercises with any certainty.

Anyway, here’s the link to the final B1 Italian lesson:

Lesson 29: Unreal Past

It has an explanation, an audio with transcript, and a whole bunch of exercises!

(You’ll find the previous 28 lessons in the series on our Italian Lessons Homepage.)


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