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Third A2 Italian listening exercise, and a ‘spot’

Here’s the latest in our series of A2 (pre-intermediate) level Italian listening comprehension exercises.

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So, to business:

  • you should see an image with the task here below, and below that, the listening plug-in.
  • listen, answer the questions, and post your answers as a comment on this article. There’ll be a transcript for today’s exercise next time.

Ready to go?

(If you don’t see either the image or the plug-in, click here to view this article on our website.) [Read More...]

Second A2 Italian listening exercise

Apologies for the time that’s flowed under the bridge since the last article – it’s holiday time, which means days spent away from a reliable WiFi connection…

Today’s exercise

A nice, simple-looking task for you today. Which of the two options was chosen for the birthday gift?

Careful! Like many tasks of this type, there are plenty of false answers to distract or confuse you….

(If you don’t see the image below with the task, or the audio plug-in, click here to view this post on our website.) [Read More...]

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