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‘La grammatica ascoltata’ 10/14 – Comparativi e superlativi irregolari

Check out today’s ‘Italian grammar listening’, which takes a closer look at irregular comparative and superlative forms, here.

Read/listen as many times as you wish, completely free of charge.

See all the texts in this series, and find out what’s coming next, on our A1 (elementary) Italian Exercises page.


It’s here! Finally.

The first in our ‘culture’ series of simplified Italian e-books, Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, re-told by Giovanni Galavotti, who is one of our Italian teachers but also the screenwriter of an award-winning movie!

You couldn’t be in better hands to improve your Italian while learning more about this famous but enigmatic film.

Our simplified version of the story of ‘La dolce vita’ has 7 short chapters, each of which comes a glossary of difficult terms and an exercise.

A complete audio recording of the text is available absolutely free at Soundcloud.com, so you can listen to each chapter as often as you please.

And for the next 10 days, ‘La dolce vita‘ is at -25%.

That’s just €7.50, instead of the regular €9.99.

To find out more, download your free sample chapter, and start reading/listening to the story RIGHT NOW, click here!




‘La grammatica ascoltata’ 9/14 – Superlativi (relativo e assoluto)

Buongiorno a tutti,

Today’s ‘La grammatica ascoltata’ article covers ‘superlative adjectives’, so following on nicely from Friday’s comparative forms.

But no banal highest moutains or longest rivers here at OnlineItalianClub.com.

Oh no.

Instead we have for you a fascinating-issimo text about that most famous of Italian fauna: elephants.

Don’t know where Martina got that idea. From what I could see, there just aren’t that many elephants in Rome, where she lives.

Still, to brush up your knowledge of natural history, and Italian superlative forms, click here.

Then review all the texts in our current series (and find out what’s coming) here.

Or browse all our free materials for learning Italian.


The first audio-book in our new ‘culture’ series should be out this week, fingers crossed.

It tells the story, in a simplified way of course, of the famous Italian movie ‘La dolce vita’.

In due course, there’ll be other e-books in the series – more films, operas, maybe some literature, we’ll see.

Anyway, ‘La dolce vita’ will be in our shop in a day or two, and at the usual special launch price of -25%.

It’ll be a great chance to improve your Italian with something interesting and different!

Watch this space.


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