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Your sneak preview and free sample chapter!

Buon giorno a tutti!

As we’ve finished the recent series of A1 elementary listening exercises (click here if you missed any), I thought I’d treat to you a sneak preview of our new simplified Italian reader, which will be published on Monday…

It tells the story of Luca -a young Italian student chasing his dream to become an actor-  and his best friend Marco, who follows him in a magic adventure in Rome.

Ciak si gira - simplified Italian reader

Click on the image here on the left to open your free sample chapter, which also contains a link to the audio for the whole book (which you can listen to free as many times as you like.)

So that’s today’s listening practice sorted!

If you want to save the sample chapter (with audio link) to your computer, try right-clicking on the image and choosing ‘Save link as’ (depends on what software you’re using).

And if you don’t see the image?

Non c’è problema. Click this link instead. Hope you like the book!

The full version of ‘Ciak si gira’ will be available in our shop from Monday and contains:

  • 8 chapters
  • a short exercise for each chapter
  • a glossary of difficult words for each chapter
  • solutions for the exercises

Including simplified Italian ‘readers’ in your Italian study program will boost your progress in four important ways:

  1. Reading a new story is motivating and offers a welcome break from grammar exercises
  2. The reading practice itself helps consolidate the grammar/vocabulary you already know
  3. Listening to the story as often as possible is excellent preparation for actually using Italian
  4. You’ll learn new words, but naturally in context and without too much dictionary work!

‘Ciak si gira’ will cost just €7.50 for the first week, then €9.99, like our other simplified readers.

It’s out on Monday.

If you can’t wait to get started, click this link to browse the other simplified Italian readers in our shop.

Final new free elementary Italian listening exercise

Here’s numero otto in our new series of free elementary Italian listening comprehension exercises.

Today you have to listen to four descriptions of the apartments people live in – location, type of building, floor, you get the idea.

And match each speaker to the description.

Simple, except it isn’t quite so easy.

To do a task like this effectively you need to develop your listening skills.

No, or limited, listening skills means no functional effectiveness in Italian.

No matter how precise your grammar or extensive your vocabulary…

But how to develop listening skills?

As the old joke goes, a passerby in New York City asks a busker

“Excuse me, but could you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?”

Carnegie Hall is a famous New York venue for live music. All the stars have played there.

The busker puts down his instrument and replies

“Practise, man, practise!”

Go here to try today’s new Italian listening listening task.

And if you find it ‘challenging’?

There are over 40 other listening practice tracks on this page.

But what if they’re all too easy?

No problem. Start here to find other, similar material at a more suitable level.


Coming on Monday is our new e-book, ‘Ciak, si gira!’

The level is A1/A2 (elementary/pre-intermediate), so it’s suitable for everyone except total beginners.

Eight chapters of simplified Italian, which tell an engaging story which will keep you turning the pages!

Each chapter has a glossary of difficult words and an exercise to test your understanding (personally I skip these and just keep reading, but it’s up to you…)

Plus, there’s a link to the full audio version, available online so you can listen to it as often as you like!

‘Ciak, si gira!’ (‘Roll cameras… Action!’) is available on Monday.

Watch out for the special launch price.

(If you can’t wait until Monday for something interesting and fun to motivate you to study Italian, visit the ebooks department of our online shop.)

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