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A letter from Linda & how to tell me when something’s broken

Linda’s very excited as she’s found a new job (A job! In Italy!) and has to move to Torino in a hurry.

But you’ll want to catch up on her news for yourself.

Click here for today’s listening practice (level B1).

Here to view all of the listenings in the current series.

Or here to access free Italian exercises at other levels.

Buono studio!


Thanks to Joni, a new member of our club, who wrote to me overnight to let me know that the level test is broken.

I won’t link to it here. She’s right. It’s not working.

The reason is because yesterday we changed the code on our Italian exercises pages so that they are ‘mobile friendly’, meaning that they will be easy to use on a smartphone or tablet, as well as on a proper computer.

But given that there are over 300 exercises, of different types, with varying code and associated files, some glitches are to be expected.

This is where you can help.

When you find something that doesn’t work, or contains an error, or just looks ugly, shoot me an email (the address is at the bottom of each page on our site.)

When doing so, please copy and paste the URL (the webpage address – you can see it in the little window at the top of your web browser).

That way I’ll know right where to look to identify and fix the problem.

Like this:

Ciao Daniel,

Just thought you’d like to know that the ‘Piace o piacciono?’ exercise doesn’t work… This is the URL:




Gee thanks, Marco. That’s a big help. You have a good day too!

(Actually, that one DOES work, so do take a look so you can see what the new, mobile-friendly pages are supposed to look like…)

“Let’s cook!” (Today’s new Italian listening exercise)

Buon giorno a tutti!

Do you watch those cookery programs on TV, the ones where contestants compete to win a price?

Well that’s the topic of today’s free Italian listening task.

Click here to give it a try.

(You can see the other exercises in this series on our Intermediate Italian Exercises page. Or find free materials for learning Italian at other levels here.)

That’s it for today. Buono studio!


They say doctors make the worst patients. Perhaps the same is true for teachers, as I’m a terrible student – impatient, untrusting and critical.

I make better progress, or at least am happier, taking charge of the learning process and teaching myself.

A website like OnlineItalianClub.com would have been IDEAL for me when I was first learning Italian. But that was back in the ‘nineties, so long ago, the Internet barely existed…

That said, a lot of people prefer to have a teacher to guide their learning. Students regularly say to me “You’re the teacher – you decide.”

Guess it’s a matter of personal preference, no?

So, if you’re like me, well I hope you find our club useful, and best of luck with your Italian! Keep at it, and you’ll get there in the end.

If, on the other hand, you’d rather not take charge of your own learning process, why not consider working with one of our online teachers to ensure you are able to make the maximum possible progress with your Italian?

Visit our shop to find out more about online Italian lessons.

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