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‘La grammatica ascoltata’ B1/9- ‘I pronomi indefiniti’


Here’s a ‘Zucca’ I made for a class of 3-4 year-old Italians (learning English at our language school in Bologna…)

We’re coming to the end of the ‘pronomi’ section of our ‘La grammatica ascoltata’ (Grammar, Listened To) series of Italian grammar listenings.

The last one will be on Monday, after which we’ll begin something new.

Check out todays ‘grammar listening’ on pronomi indefiniti (‘What are they?’) here.

The rest of the pronouns can be listened to on the B1(intermediate) Italian exercises page.

Or, for beginners or near-beginners, try the A1 and A2 pages.


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A lunedì!

‘La grammatica ascoltata’ B1/8- ‘I pronomi relativi’

Good morning and here’s another pronoun fix for all you Italian grammar addicts out there!

Today, ‘i pronomi relativi‘.

What are they?


Your uncle = ‘he’, your cousins = ‘they’, your grandmother = ‘she’, and so on.

Nah… Only joking. Those, of course, are ‘subject pronouns’.

Relative pronouns (in English) are words like ‘who’, ‘which’ & ‘that’ which allow us to refer back to a someone already mentioned.

‘The cardiologist who treated me is a friend of my wife’s’ – that sort of thing.

How does that work in Italian?

It’s not so hard. Find out with today’s ‘grammar listening’ – click here. [Read More...]

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