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2nd new Italian listening exercise (and ‘easy reader’ offer reminder)

It’s a family Christmas, goodwill to all.

We’re exchanging presents, and it seems that everyone gets what they wanted.

Except you!

You’ve unwrapped your gift and are not at all pleased…

What could they have been thinking of?

Didn’t they know you had your heart set on…?


If this scenario sounds familiar, check out today’s new, free Italian listening comprehension exercise!

Click here to listen and do the exercise.


Just a couple more days to get our new ‘easy reader’ at the reduced launch price.

There’s a free sample chapter, so you can ‘try before you buy’.

And even a money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, or don’t find it useful, you can get a refund on your payment.

Go here to buy ‘Uno studente in viaggio‘ for just €7.50 (there’s a link in the blurb to download the free sample chapter.)

Or visit our shop to browse all the ebook & online Italian lesson options.


TODAY: New Italian Listening Exercises (& easy reader offer)

Buongiorno to everyone!

Having finished our series of ten A2 grammar exercises on Monday, from today we’re back to working on your listening skills for a bit.

Listening – grammar – listening – grammar…

Perhaps you’re beginning to see a pattern?

The plan is to work up through the levels, right up to C2 (proficiency).

First grammar content, then listening practice. Build your knowledge, then build your skills and confidence. And repeat!

For better Italian, just stick with us!

Keep opening the emails (and buying the ebooks, of course.)

In a matter of months you should notice a significant improvement in your Italian.

Enough of the sales talk – click here to start today’s new free Italian listening exercise.

Or find all our free materials for learning Italian (lots of grammar, lots of listenings) here.


Two reminders today. The FORUM has been deserted lately, except for Karen who’s been  valiantly trying to start a conversation on her own.

Starting, or joining, a conversation in the forum is an excellent way to practice your Italian (reading, writing) for free, as well as to make friends from around the world.

About a thousand people a day use our site, and almost none of you are taking advantage of this.

Join the conversation in our forums!

(That said, today I’m working away from a computer, so don’t be surprised if your comments take a while to be published – each one has to be individually moderated by me as an anti-spam measure, and if I’m not at the computer, that won’t happen until the evening…. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, when comments will be approved within and hour or two.)

And the second reminder is, of course, don’t forget the launch offer on our new easy reader: ‘Uno studente in viaggio‘.

Get it here, or see all our ebooks in our online shop, here.

Thanks to everyone who has already bought it! Your purchases help pay the bills for this site – we appreciate your continued support!

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