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They smashed his microscopes and burnt down his villa

Here’s the latest in our ‘street names’ series – short biographies of famous Italians who have streets named after them in my home town of Bologna.

Today you’ll read about another famous alumnus from the world’s oldest university.

This guy has both a high school and a hospital named after him, but as you’ll discover, his work was far from popular in the seventeenth century…

As usual, I’ll remind you to try the listening at least once (ideally, many times) before scrolling down to read the transcript… You’ll improve both your listening AND your reading that way!

Oh, and check out today’s P.S. for details of our new promotion on online Italian lessons!

(If you’re reading this in an e-mail, you won’t see the listening plug-in. In which case, click here to view this article on our website.) [Read More...]

“The beating heart of Italy” (Italian listening + transcript)

I think this is number 6 in our series of mini-biographies of Italians with streets or schools named after them.

The others were: Garibaldi | Marconi | Cavour | Galvani | Leonardo da Vinci

If you’re finding the level of this material difficult (it is), there are plenty of easier listening texts and other materials accessible from our ‘Free Online Italian Exercises‘ page.

But anyway, on with today’s hero, Giuseppe Mazzini, known as the ‘beating heart of Italy’.


Listen and find out. [Read More...]

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