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‘La grammatica ascoltata’ B1/6 – ‘Si’

There’s some tricky vocabulary in today’s ‘grammar listening’.

But don’t let that put you off.

The topic this time is the particella ‘si’, which is very common, and also very useful!

So, even if the text looks at first to be a bit complex, try to listen to the whole thing, maybe aiming just to get a sense of what it’s all about without worrying about difficult words.

You should find that it will get easier the second and third times you go through it. Each time you’ll understand more.

And of course, you’ll be fuelling up on invaluable examples of Italian grammar in context, read by a native speaker (thanks Stefi!)

So, ready to listen and learn?

Go here to read/listen to today’s ‘La grammatica ascoltata’ on ‘si‘.

You’ll find the others in our ‘pronouns’ series on the B1 page here.

And earlier, easier ‘La grammatica ascoltata’ material lives on our A1 and A2 pages.

‘La grammatica ascoltata’ B1/5 – ‘Ne’

Today, another of those dratted pronouns, or ‘particella pronominale’ in this case: ‘ne’.

There’s not anything particularly difficult about this one, but it can cause confusion at first.

All the more reason to swallow it down with plenty of context, which will help you digest it and absorb it into the fabric of your Italian.

Go here to read/listen to today’s ‘La grammatica ascoltata’ on ‘ne‘.

Find the whole ‘pronouns’ section of the series on our B1 page here.

Or earlier, easier material from this series on our A1 and A2 pages.


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