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New ‘La grammatica ascoltata’ exercise – present tense, regular verbs


Just to let you know, the second of our new series ‘La grammatica ascoltata’ is now live on our site.

Review (or study for the first time) the present tense of Italian regular verbs.

You’ll find links to each article in this series on the A1-Beginner page of the Free Italian Exercises section of our site.

Or, if today’s article is way too easy for you, browse the other levels here.

The next exercise in this series will be out on Friday.

Buona giornata!

P.S. will be publishing 3 new free Italian exercises a week between now and Natale. Don’t miss anything: join us here.

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New series starts today: ‘La grammatica ascoltata’

Our new series of articles, ‘La grammatica ascoltata’, will cover most areas of Italian grammar between now and Christmas, at a frequency of three grammar topics a week.

We’re starting with A1 (beginner, elementary) topics.

The series’ name translates as ‘Grammar, heard’, which sounds lousy in English, I admit.

Anyway, the idea is to build/consolidate your grammatical awareness, topic by topic, over time.

But rather than doing this with the usual exercise or ‘lesson’ format, this series will provide an original text intended to illustrate just ONE grammar area, which you can read and listen to.

If you’ve studied the grammar area before, it’ll work as revision (and listening practice, of course).

If not, you’ll be introduced to the ‘new’ grammar in context, with multiple examples of use. You can then look for exercises and/or explanations elsewhere on the site.

So, ready to hear some grammar?

Today’s topic is ‘c’è / ci sono’.

It should take you less than two minutes to listen to/read, so no excuses!

Click this link to visit our website to listen to the texts and read the transcript.

One last thing: this series is going to be pretty big, so each new listening will be linked to from ‘Free Online Italian Exercises‘ page of our site.

If you click the A1 link on that page, you’ll see the forthcoming topics in the ‘La grammatica ascoltata’ series.

The seven topics listed will take us up to the end of September. Each link will go live once the article/listening is published.

In October, we’ll do the A2 (pre-intermediate) material.

And so on.

Allora, a mercoledì!


Don’t forget that you can leave a message for me, or for other site users, by filling out the comment form at ‘Bar Giovanni‘.

I’ll be online most of the day, so why not drop by for a coffee and a chat?

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