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Mica another long, boring lesson from OnlineItalianClub.com

If the title of this article didn’t make any sense to you, then great!

Because today we’re taking a look at ‘mica’.

It’s a friendly little word, often heard in speech, but one which can cause confusion because of its various meanings.

The lesson includes a brief explanation and two short exercises.

Lesson 41: Mica | Italian Lessons Homepage

What else?

Many thanks to Leonard, who was kind enough to write this review of our current ‘Book Of The Week’:

Italian easy reader "Caccia all'autografo" by Enrico Maso

Caccia all’autografo” is a fast moving story about a young man trying to obtain a famous singer’s autograph for his girlfriend; but he has many hurdles to overcome in order to achieve his objective. I looked at the free first chapter and straight away I placed an order to buy the little book because I wanted to see what was going to happen. I read it in one sitting and got the gist of the story. No, I did not understand every single word, but enough to understand the story. I will now go over it a few time with my dictionary. I think that this is the best way to increase your vocabulary quickly, understand sentence structure, and learn or improve your grammar. BUT THIS WAY YOU ENJOY DOING SO! This is another first class little reader!

The offer ends on Sunday.

And on Monday?

Something new: our first easy reader of short stories, by a talented new writer!

Watch this space.

Very short lesson today!

Advanced Italian courses usually comprise a quick overview of the grammatical areas you should already have covered, along with a collection of tricky bits and pieces that are typically included in top level exams so as to catch people out.

We cover one such detail in today’s free lesson. It’s not the sort of thing you’d want to spend a lot of time on, but nice to know anyway. Enjoy!

Lesson 40: Piuttosto che

(Previous lessons in the series can be found on our Italian Lessons Homepage.)

So, what if you’ve time left over, after such a short lesson?

Why not take a look at our ‘Book Of The Week’, Italian easy reader e-book?

OK, ‘Italian easy reader e-book’ might be awkward to pronounce without spraying breakfast cereals over your computer screen.

But that’s what we’re selling. And €4.99 gets you an original story in eight simplified chapters, complete with eight brief glossaries, eight exercises, and the audio for the whole thing to listen to as often as you wish.

Mega value!

But what to do with it once you have it?

  1. Read and listen to the whole story, all the way through, without stopping to do the exercises or look up unknown words. Should take you around half an hour.
  2. Read it again at your own pace, without the audio this time. Do the exercises, if you can be bothered. Look up unknown words if you must.
  3. Got the gist of the story? It’s time to listen again, this time without the text.
  4. Marvel at how much progress you made!
  5. Rush to our online shop to order your next easy reader e-book (we have lots to choose from…)
  6. Repeat from 1. (at least until you get the confidence to start reading authentic texts – novels, newspapers, etc.)

Italian easy reader "Caccia all'autografo" by Enrico Maso

Here are the links you need to give it a go:

A venerdì.

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