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Advanced Italian tense forms 6/17 – Congiuntivo presente


Got a busy day today – it’s the staff Christmas lunch, and I’ll be making a speech, as well as paying the bill…

So no time to write much.

Today’s ‘Italian grammar listening’ covers the ‘congiuntivo presente‘.

It’s the sort of thing that gets people asking:

“But WHY is it like this?”

“Err… because it’s Italian?”

Perhaps today’s text will help you figure it out.

Go here to listen.


The ‘best offer of the year‘ promotion over on our sponsor school’s website is going great guns.

Here are some articles they’ve published this week that might interest you.

Advanced Italian tense forms 5/17 – Passivo con verbo essere

If you’re an animal-lover, or a grammar-lover, check out today’s new ‘grammar listening’.

It covers the passive form and is about dogs which are abandoned by their owners, poverini.

Click here to read/listen.

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Buona giornata!


And for those of you who, like me, have bitter memories of studying a foreign language at school, take a look at this article on our sponsor school’s site:

How Italian courses for adults aren’t like high school French

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